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Build Quality & Warranty

Every single Bible will be individually bound and crafted by hand, ensuring only top quality Bibles. Humble Lamb has partnered with printer and binder Royal Jongbloed, located in the Netherlands, to create a unique Bible that will last a lifetime.


All of our Bibles are backed with an International Lifetime Warranty.

Bible Specifications


This Bible features a beautiful Milo Serif Font with a 9 point size


3 ribbon markers (8mm Berishfords) in three evenly spaced positions in the book block


Book block with red-under-gold art gilding and rounded corners, books fanned to free the gilded pages, hollow, strong gauze

Page Size & Bible Paper

Single page size is 9″ x 6″ With premium PrimaBible 36gsm paper

Liner and Design

Foil embossed filigree along inside of the cover, Shakira leather liner on inside of the cover.


Black + Red, in the correct grain direction of the paper.

Cover Material

Natural full grain Goatskin leather, 9 mm overhangs, available in 3 colors


Edge-line bound cover with a Smyth-sewn book block

Name of Bible & Bible Version

“Word of God” New King James Version